1. This white paper aims to explain the services of the CRMC, and the content within this document may need to be reviewed, changed, or modified due to the business schedule, progress, or other factors.

2. This version of the white paper was written on the date indicated on the cover page of this document, and the content of this whitepaper reflects only the direction and current status of the business up to that date, therefore, change or modification of content can occur at any time after the date of writing.

The company must notify users of any change in business direction, if any, and users cannot object to that change after it has been notified.

3. The version of the white paper may be periodically updated to next version if a necessary revision of the content is needed.

4. This white paper is not intended to propose any investment or solicit investors, and cannot be interpreted as any investment proposal or solicitation of investors by any geographical or environmental factors.

5. This white paper must not be reproduced, modified, or distributed in whole or in part in countries or regions which stipulate the content of this white paper is illegal. The CRMC shall not take any legal responsibility for any investments made by individuals who reside in such countries or regions where the content of this white paper is illegal and who aware of the nature of this whitepaper and make an investment accordingly.

6. This white paper shall not guarantee the integrity of the business promoted by the CRMC, and a contracting party who wish to use CRMC’s services is given such services within the serviceable range.

The content of this whitepaper shall not be responsible for any issues related to errors, delays in schedule, hack attacks, natural disasters, and administrative matters that may occur during service provision and development phase, and no party or individual is asked to take responsibility for those issues. This white paper contains plans for the business and was written on the premise that the plan is realized. The realized conditions described on this white paper, however, shall not be guaranteed, and the content of this whitepaper shall not guarantee the integrity of services that will be developed in the future.

8. The content of this white paper should not be construed as legal, financial, accounting, tax, and other advice under any circumstances, and the process of purchasing and using CRMC may require separate legal, financial, or tax related measures in accordance with policies or laws in a country or region. Purchasers or users may need separate advice in such circumstances, and the CRMC shall not be responsible for them.

9. The creation of the ecosystem may be delayed or other tangible and intangible losses may occur by reasons not intended by the CRMC, such as system attacks from third parties, natural disasters, or force majeure.

10. CRMC shall not be responsible for the buyer's risks caused by the loss or leakage of the buyer's personal key.

11. Due to the nature of the token, the CRMC token it may undergo increase or decrease in price, and investors take all the consequences but not the company, whatever it is profits or losses. The company shall not provide any refunds and exchanges after user's purchase is made. The investment shall not be free from all risks such as changes in the market environment, uncertainty, political risk, or competition, and such risks may result in interruption to CRMC development or changes in service direction and plans.

12. The technology of CRMC is still undergoing in development, and changes in technology that may occur in the process of technology development may have a negative impact on the CRMC.

13. The CRMC shall not delegate or transfer its decision-making right about its ecosystem operation policy and suspension of operation to others, and all decisions shall be made at CRMC's discretion.

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