Chrema is the integration of Real World Assets (RWA) with NFT Staking and NFT Finance, creating a bridge between tangible assets and the digital economy. The proposal aims to expand the DeFi ecosystem by incorporating RWAs as collateral, thus diversifying investment options and securing value within the blockchain space.


Chrema envisions the integration of decentralized finance with real-world assets to innovate the way assets are owned and managed, thereby accelerating the democratization of finance. We imagine a world where anyone can clearly establish ownership over real-world assets and easily leverage them for funding or investment.

Platform Overview

Chrema digitizes a variety of real-world assets such as real estate, artwork, and financial securities into NFTs. These NFTs can be individually or pooled to integrate into DeFi platforms, offering new financial opportunities to investors and borrowers.


  • Tokenize RWAs like real estate, art, and commodities as NFTs.

  • Develop a robust platform for NFT staking using tokenized RWA.

  • Create a comprehensive NFT Finance ecosystem that offers loans, leases, and fractional ownership of RWAs.

  • Establish partnerships with traditional asset holders and digital marketplaces.


  • RWA Tokenization Platform

    A platform where real-world assets can be securely tokenized into NFTs, ensuring the representation of their unique properties and value on the blockchain.

  • NFT Staking Platform Enable NFT holders to stake their RWA-backed NFTs in return for competitive staking rewards, creating a passive income stream.

  • DeFi Integration Integrate RWA-backed NFTs into existing DeFi lending platforms, allowing for loans and other financial services using these tokenized assets as collateral.

  • Fractional Ownership Facilitate the ownership of parts of high-value assets through fractionalized NFTs, thus lowering barriers to entry for small investors.

Market Strategy

  • Launch a pilot project with a select number of RWAs to test the market.

  • Target asset owners looking to liquidate or raise funds without selling their assets.

  • Collaborate with auction houses, galleries, and real estate agents to broaden the scope of assets.

  • Initiate educational campaigns to build trust and understanding among traditional investors.

Risk Management

  • Conduct thorough asset appraisals and legal due diligence before tokenization.

  • Implement multi-signature wallets and smart contract audits to enhance security.

  • Introduce insurance products to mitigate the risk of asset devaluation.

Technical Implementation

  • Build on a scalable blockchain with smart contract capabilities, like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.

  • Employ Oracle networks to relay up-to-date asset valuations to the platform.


Chrema proposes an innovative solution to fuse real-world assets with the digital finance space, expanding the utility and liquidity of both. By enabling NFT staking with real-world collateral and integrating these into DeFi applications, we can bring stability and new investment opportunities to the blockchain ecosystem.

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