How It Works


1. Structure

  • RWA Investment: Users can invest in various real-world assets (RWAs) such as real estate, art, etc., through the platform.

  • NFT Issuance: After investing, users receive an NFT representing ownership or a share of the specific asset.

  • NFT Market: Issued NFTs can be traded within the platform's internal market or on external NFT marketplaces.

2. Technical Implementation

  • Smart Contracts: The process of asset tokenization, NFT issuance, and trading is automated through smart contracts.

  • Security and Regulatory Compliance: Implement mechanisms for compliance with legal regulations alongside blockchain's security protocols.

Investment and Trading Process

1. Investment Procedure

  • Users invest in specific RWAs through the platform.

  • The investment funds are managed via blockchain, and an NFT representing the asset is issued.

2. NFT Trading

  • Users can trade issued NFTs either on the platform’s market or other NFT marketplaces.

  • NFT transactions are securely processed through smart contracts.

3. Redemption Procedure

  • Once the investment period ends, the RWA collateral is released, and the investment funds are returned.

  • Users return the NFT and receive their investment plus any earnings back.

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